Hi, welcome, my name is Margaux, I am a textile designer, a weaver and a painter.

After a Bachelor in textile designer at the Fine Art School of Lyon (France), I moved to Brussels to learn the technique of weaving tapestry at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (Belgium), where I graduated with a Master in September 2018.

I am french but based in Brussels, I move frequently across Europe to learn new technique and knowledges. For now, these travels brought me to Italy, The Netherlands and Germany, where I worked with or for other designers : Alissa+Nienke (NL), JongeriusLab (GER), Envisions (NL), Lottozero (IT), Antoinette Poisson (FR), etc

I am fascinated by strange perception of lights and shadows that I try to translate into objects. I am interested by crossovers between industry and craftsmanship, because I believe that they both need each other to survive and to evolve.

I am mostly a textile designer, but I can’t struggle against my love for painting. I see interior design as a way to enhance textile design and as a chance to collaborate with other people from other fields. I am always interested by partnerships, so if you have an idea do not hesitate to contact me.

You’ll find some selected projects of my work on my website, please ask me if you have any question.